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Choosing A Digital Magazine Publisher

It would be a great idea for one to start a magazine if they have content to share with readers. The world is changing and although print is still a mode of communication, having an online platform is a great way to reach potential readers. Before putting your magazine online, you first need to consider the digital publisher you will be using.

By now you know that putting a PDF file online is not the way to go. The reason for this is, the files look like printed pages and in order for one to be able to read them, you may need to keep zooming in or out on the pages. When picking a platform, ensure that it has the ability to adapt your magazine to the screen size of your readers. This way you can be sure that the readers will have no issue in how the content is organised on the digital publishing platform.

In the past, most people access online content on laptops or computers. With developing technology, this is changing because, using a mobile phone, one can be able to get the same online content. As you look for a digital publisher, ensure that their platform is able to turn your magazine into a native IOS or Android app that can be accessed by readers using mobile phones. This way more people will be able to access your magazine.

There will be different requirements from different platforms on what you need in order to use their platform. This, therefore, makes it important for you to know what it will cost you as this greatly affects how much you earn from your magazine. The digital platform may use any of these two ways to charge you for their services. they may choose to charge you a flat monthly fee. With this, you pay a certain amount for all the services rendered although you will need to pay a higher amount at the beginning. Some other platforms also use a revenue sharing model. This may look as a good idea as there is no upfront payment at the beginning but it is often expensive in the long run.

You also need to consider whether you want help to design your publication. If you would like to make changes to your work, add videos or other media, it would be best if you got a platform that allows you to do this. You therefore need to pick a user-friendly platform for this. You will however need the help of an editor if you are just starting on your magazine from scratch.

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