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Guidelines on Setting Mouse Traps

It is never a pleasure having mice ruling your home as if it belongs to them. This is because they will eat or chew on important things in your home like cloths, hard copy documents and wires connecting electronics. Take immediate action to fight off mice when you notice one in the house it could indicate more are in your home. One could start by laying traps instead of animal control if it is not too much of a situation. The following are some of the factors you should consider when setting up mouse traps in your home.

Strategize one which location the trap will be best situated. Location is a great determinant when it comes to evaluating how well your efforts to trap mice will payout. Some of the places where your trap will likely yield good results is to place traps under sofa sets and in walls. Hence if you want to trap them the best way is to place traps in these strategic positions. Try to figure out which other place mice might run across and lay traps.

One should consider which size or mice are roaming around the house. Using big traps to catch small mice is as unreasonable as setting a small trap for big mice. One should make sure they go through a variety of traps before choosing one that is right for them. It is a good idea to choose a flexible all size trap if you are having big and small mice in your home. Take adequate time in finding the best trap as you may end up with more costs trying to get another trap.

Make sure your trap has bait otherwise it will be a non beneficial investment. A mouse will only get interested to fall into an unknown trap if they see something to benefit them in this case a bait. As much as cheese has be proclaimed the best bait for mice truth is mice will be more attracted to aspects of peanut butter or chocolate pieces. The bait should not be too big to disrupt the trap when trying to hold the mouse. In addition to this with a good smaller size of bait the mouse will be easily lured into eating it. Do not use bare hands to handle the trap and bait. Since human scent will stick to the trap mice will be able to smell it and will run away from it. Thus wear gloves when setting traps and baits.

You could opt for the mindset trick on a mouse. In this case you keep placing baits on the trap but not exactly letting it trap the mouse. Then after a few days of noticing the mouse is actually eating the bait, you can go ahead and lay a trap. This trick is effective in every type of mouse trap in the end you will capture them.

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