If you don’t have enough furniture to fill a large living room it can easily feel cold. Read this guide to learn how to cozy it up with your own personal touch.

So you moved into a bigger house with a large living room? Congratulations!

This is an exciting chance to make the ideal space you’ve always imagined. But it can also be a challenge to make the space feel cozy and to fill it with the right furniture.

Keep reading for our style guide to learn how to bring warmth and coziness to a large living room!

Start by Defining Boundaries

A large living room with an open floor plan can be difficult to fill and make cozy. One of the best ways to start bringing the room together is by creating several designated spaces with boundaries.

Create a section of the room with seating for conversations or listening to music by adding a record player or speakers. Area rugs and wall art can help enhance separation. Use the furniture to create natural boundaries that will tie the room together.

Two-Toned Paint

If you have high ceilings but want to create a smaller, cozier feeling, the goal is to use paint to trick the eye.

By using two-toned paint on the wall, you can make the ceilings look smaller than they appear. Try wall paneling as a chic way to achieve the same effect.

Purchase Tall Potted Plants

With tall ceilings also comes the need to fill vertical height in the room. Use tall potted plants to fill corners or any natural spaces.

Ensure that the room is getting enough natural light to keep your plants alive, and then keep adding. Once you start, you’ll see what a positive effect plants can have on your room.

Opt for a Ceiling Fan

While continuing to try to fill the vertical space, using big ceiling fans can drop the ceiling a bit to make it feel closer and cozier.

Especially if you live in a warm climate, a ceiling fan can help keep the air circulating in your large living room.

Try a Larger Sectional Couch

Now it’s time to start on the furniture! Purchasing a couch for your living room is probably one of the first things you’ve been thinking about to fill the space. Consider getting a comfortable L-shaped sectional.

A big L-shaped sofa is great for any modern spaces and creates a lot of comforts. This can be one of your main spaces in the living room and will help you divide up the rest of the areas based on the couch’s location.

Large Coffee Tables or Oversized Ottomans

A large living room benefits from filling the space between the couch and the coffee table. Large coffee tables can help to fill a space, especially if you stack books on top of it.

Another option is an oversized ottoman. By choosing something big and upholstered, instead of a wooden coffee table, you can fill the space while adding softness to the area.

Additional Seating Separates the Room

In a larger living room, it could be ideal to have more than one seating area. This is especially true if you have a television near one of the seating spaces, and create a conversational area for the other.

Try using a daybed, bench, or chaise to create a division in the room. You can still keep the flow of the room by having these two zones.

Divide the Room with Cabinets and Shelves

Without getting in the way of the flow of the room, cabinets and shelves can be added to the walls to keep tying the room together.

These additions will also make your space look organized, and will allow you to display any unique art or knickknacks you might have.

Fill All the Empty Spaces

Along with adding shelves to the wall, continue to fill the empty wall space rather than letting it be bare. Try bringing the furniture closer together in the room to create a cozy arrangement, and let the walls be exposed to add more.

Try a console table against the wall or a bench with a bookcase. Get creative with filling the empty spaces.

Personalize the Room to Your Specific Interests

Creating an intimate living room out of a large space is a difficult challenge, but keep in mind that the real goal is for you to enjoy the room. If you mostly plan to use this to entertain, keep in mind which areas are good for hosting.

You can also keep the room fun and personalize it to your specific interests. If you like to play cards or chess, consider adding a few cozy chairs along the wall with a chessboard or card table. You can also create a space for reading under a window with a nook and bookshelf.

Use Electronics to Fill More Spaces

Having a big living room is your perfect opportunity to opt for a large flatscreen television. Consider purchasing a television console that can keep the style you’re looking for.

Add speakers to the corners where you want to be able to hear the sound, along with a soundboard. You can also opt for other types of electronics, like a music area with an old-school radio or record player.

Create Harmony

One of the best ways to bring warmth to your space is by creating harmony. Imagine yourself moving about the room to each area and look for any empty spaces. Make sure your choices for furniture and wall art all flow together and keep in the same type of style or color patterns.

Bring Coziness to a Large Living Room by Following These Tips

It’s easy to make your large living room feel cozier by following the tips above! You’ve been giving both a challenge and a gift by having such a big space, so make sure to plan it out and think about your goals for the room.

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